TraqDash WiFi & The Mitty Skidpad Challenge


TraqDash has gone WiFi!

You can now download your files remotely from the pits without pulling the SD Card.

Ideal for endurance racing and teams. Our simple kit allows you to insert the preprogrammed 8GB SD card into your system and begin sharing your files immediately.

The TraqDash will create a local, private WiFi network and make the session files available to download in less than 30 seconds once the connection is made.

Classic Motorsports Mitty

Vintage racing’s promise is to resurrect the past glories of sports car racing for a modern audience, and no event does that better than the Classic Motorsports Mitty.

BMW will be the featured marque when the Mitty plans to return to the beautiful Road Atlanta circuit in Braselton, Georgia on April 24-26, 2015.

Traqmate Skidpad Challenge @ The Mitty
How well does your car grip? 
Here’s your chance to find out. We’re issuing an open invitation for all car owners to attack our skid pad: any make, any model, any vintage, any modifications. The occasion? Our first-ever Traqmate Skidpad Challenge on Sunday, April 26, 2015, at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia. 

What: The inaugural Traqmate Skidpad Challenge. It’s a very safe and simple competition: Drive a car around the skidpad as fast as possible while Traqmate equipment logs data from your run. The more lateral g’s the car can produce, the higher it ranks in its class.

Have you made suspension upgrades on your car? Here’s your chance to witness their effect.

TraqDash 2.80 is Here!

Added capability for WiFi downloads (when used with TraqDash WiFi SD card.We have enhanced the race screen backgrounds and improved the help menus and implemented new camera icons for TraqDash USB cameras. We’ve also Streamlined the screen operation and improved Syncing for power drops. 

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