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Krause & Associates LLC, a leading driver development training, instruction and coaching firm located on-site at Virginia International Raceway (VIR), has announced the first of many training seminars for the high performance driver education and club-level competition driver. These seminars will be hosted in the summer months by VIPER (Virginia Institute for Performance Engineering and Research) in their Drivetrain Lab in the Main Paddock at VIR and alternate with those held at the Krause & Associates LLC Driver Development Studio in Virginia Motorsport Technology Park and adjoining the VIR RacePlex, due to open after Labor Day.

Typically scheduled for late afternoon and early evening preceding particular, popular events at VIR, these two-hour sessions will cover a wide variety of topics, focusing on making more accessible the utilization of technology to improve driver performance as well as quantifying, evaluating and improving car performance.

Current and future planned topics include an full range of data analysis training for use and interpretation  of Traqmate data, basic and intermediate chassis set-up, powertrain optimization using dynamometer testing and a particular focus on utilizing the groundbreaking iRacing simulation as a training tool to better drive ALL configurations of VIR! A light dinner and beverages will be provided as part of the registrant package for these seminars.

The first two seminars will be held late Thursday afternoon, July 23, and early Friday evening, July 24, in concert with the National Auto Sport Association-Mid Atlantic event and the Grassroots Motorsports Motorsports Magazine “Ultimate Track Car Challenge.”

The topic for the inaugural July 23 session is “Traqmate 101, An Introduction to Using GPS-Based Data Acquisition to Improve Driver Performance.” The topic for the July 24 seminar is “Traqmate 201, An Introduction to the Interpretation of Data to Quantify and Evaluate Driver Performance.”

Additional seminars are scheduled to be held Friday afternoon, August 21, before the VIRMCC Member Day and will cover “Technology and the Track Day Driver,” including a presentation by Victor Seaber of the Drivetrain Lab at VIPER. Another “Data Acquisition 101, An Introduction to Using GPS-Based Data Acquisition to Improve Driver Performance” will be held the following week preceding the TrackDaze LLC date at VIR.

Registration is now available on-line Here and is limited to the first ten registrants for each date.


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