VIR Track Event


Team Traqmate was in attendance this past weekend at VIR, Mazda drivers club hosted this very well organized track event which had over 200 participants. The weather was hot and clear which meant everyone was turning great times on the full 4.2 mile course.

The 650hp all black viper was looking mean!

This blown Mcoupe was a serious machine, the owner has done many track events and one lap of america with the car.

The owner had his own Traqmate

This pair of M3’s were both very fast at the event, black was full race with a blower, while the red was a modified street car.

Black M3 with Traqmate installed

Taking in the beautiful track that is VIR

Fast lap in a Lotus Elise

Elise Full Course

Team Traqmate would like to thank Mazda Drivers Club for putting on a great event!

Quote of the weekend
“After looking at the data, I bet I can shave 10seconds off my laptime” Chris Wadle owner of Lamin-x protective films (He shaved 11-seconds instead)

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