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TraqTimes Mayhem

Spec Miata Mayhem at Roebling
Spec Miata Mayhem at Roebling


Traqmate Affiliate

Now you can make money with Traqmate! 

How it works:

Essentially you place a web banner or linkable text on your site or in an email. Anyone who clicks on this will be redirected to the website. If they make a purchase from within the next 60 days after having clicked your link/banner, you will receive a commission from that sale. It doesn’t matter if they make the purchase later on and don’t use your initial link. As long as they clicked on your link at some point in the last 60 days you will benefit. 

Traqmate Affiliates make 7% on any sale!

Benefits of becoming an Affiliate:

  • Zero stocking of product
  • Transaction is handled through our store
  • Free signup
  • Access to great marketing material
  • Association with our well respected brand

It’s extremely easy to signup and it’s a great way to support the product you love while helping your business grow.

Three Ways to TraqDash 

TraqDash Complete – Full Data System

TraqDash Upgrade – Upgrade to the New Display

TraqDash Complete HD – Full Data System with HD Video

New Features Coming Soon!

Drag Race and Auto-X and Rally!

Drag Race
Test your skills and your cars performance with our super easy to use Drag Race Mode!

Modes include 1/8 mile, 1000ft all the way up to a 1/4 mile for a real power test. It’s highly addictive and naturally for ‘off road use only’… in mexico 😉

Auto-X and Rally 
Auto-X and Rally stage fans, the wait is over. The lastest mode will make getting your run captured a snap with big bold buttons and an easy to use interface.

Go Racing
Drag Race
Drag Slip

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