Traqmate Vista Release 1.30 Now Available

Traqmate is now Vista compatible.

Track Systems has released version 1.30 of the Traqmate GPS Data Acquisition System. This is the ‘TraqCam Release’ and is a comprehensive upgrade including firmware for both Basic and Complete Traqmate units, Traqview analysis software for Windows, and an updated User Manual.

Improvements include:

  • Vista install and run compatibility.
  • Added synchronized ChaseCam digital video camera control (TraqCam).
  • Added digital outputs that can be used as a warning lamp for Analog Inputs (oil pressure, water temp, etc.) and RPM warnings (shift light).
  • Added support for lap numbers in TrackVision video export.
  • Improved segment export.
  • Fixed ‘Sebring’ and other east-facing Start/Finish lines.
  • Added RPM support for 2 and 4 stroke single-cylinder engines and 16 cylinder engines.
  • Start/Finish type-in coordinates changed to degrees for ease of use & compatibility.
  • Improved lap timing and Start/Finish detection.
  • Added user-selectable lap time hold in Display Unit.
  • Improved accuracy of Analog inputs.

The upgrades are available for free download by clicking HERE.

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