Traqmate V1.20 Released

Track Systems Technologies announces the availability of Traqmate 1.20.

Traqmate was already the most user-friendly way to provide truly usable driver feedback. With this major new release, Traqmate adds data input capability so you can tune the car as well as the driver.

In addition to the GPS Track Mapping, Speed, G-Force, and Lap Timing capabilities of Traqmate, some of the features now available:

RPM, Analog, and Digital Inputs
On-screen Tachometer with Rev Warning
On-screen Gauges with Alarm
Battery Monitor

The Traqview Analysis and Playback software has also been significantly upgraded with these features:

Turn Zone Maps
Common-axis Stacked Graphs
Named and Scaled Analog Data Graphs with Warning Zones
Named Digital Input Graphs
RPM Graphing with Warning Zones
Autodetect USB
Separate Lateral and Brake/Accel Graphs
Video Integration with TrackVision

Existing customers are eligible for a free upgrade. Download the new Traqview Software, Traqmate Firmware, and Users Manual in the Forum.

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