Traqmate Used on Dream Car Garage Special

This fall, SPEED channel will be airing the Dream Car Garage Supercar Shootout. This show will feature the best tuner musclecars – Yenko Nova, Royal GTO, AMC Scrambler, Shelby GT500, Motion Camaro, and Dodge SuperBee.

Once again Traqmate was chosen to be the official scoring system. Traqmate was used to measure 0-60, braking distance, and average speed through a slalom course. We were not able to find a way to score the burnouts so that will have to be done subjectively!

Here are some pictures from the taping at Toronto Motorsports Park where these valuable cars were put through their paces.

Tom and Peter Ham it Up

Ram Air!

Yenko Nova

Dodge SuperBee

AMC Scrambler

Royal GTO

Motion Camaro

Shelby GT500

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