Traqmate Training VIR October 9

We’ve had such good response to our new seminar series, kicked off in July, we’re going to do it again. This upcoming Traqmate 201 seminar October 9th at VIR with Nasa-Mid Atlantic will allow attendees to become fluent not only in the use and maintenance of the Traqmate system, but begin to and progress making sense of all of the voluminous data collected by this great tool. We’ll help you become familiar and facile with the Windows navigation required to use this system as well.

Traqmate 201 on October 9th will cover not only hardware interface, file collection and storage workflows, firmware and software updates and becoming familiar with ALL the features of TraqView and TraqStudio, but also begin to delve into what all of this data means and HOW to apply it towards improving your driving THE VERY NEXT SESSION! We’ll study braking rates and behaviors, acceleration rates and transitions, breaking up the track to begin segment analysis (an important tool to evaluate technique changes as simple as whether or not to change a gear at a particular point on the circuit) and to determine TBL, comparison lap setup among your OWN laps and with others. Even if you’ve used this device for several years, you can come away from this seminar comfortable and confident that you can not only better utilize this information yourself, but know enough to show others how to use it. It’s for folks who want to do more than to just “scratch the surface” of this powerful tool. We’ll move right into relatively advanced interpolative analysis in this particular course.

Traqmate 202 on October 9th will focus on making intelligent use of and the interpretation of the collected data FROM A DRIVER’S POINT OF VIEW. Utilizing many of the concepts made popular by William Mitchell and Jorge Segers (SAE, Society of Automotive Engineers technical paper and book authors), Traqmate 202 will explore the various ways the data can be sliced and diced to form a useful and accurate picture of the driver’s strengths and weaknesses, comfort and confidence anywhere on the course. This is not a tremendously “technical” or “mathematical” treatise, but instead a critical, intensive look on how to recognize patterns of driver behavior and successfully develop strategies to fix those behaviors that require fixing!

The seminar will be in the VIPER Dyno Lab in the Main Paddock. Water, soft drinks and iced tea will be provided. Please spread the word amongst your friends and online so that we can get the word out as soon as possible. We will have several more scheduled for this Fall! Information available at

Hope to see you all there!

Thanks, Peter

Peter Krause
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“The Driver is the Greatest Performance Variable in the Racing Equation.”

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