Traqmate Sponsors Miatas at the Mitty

Mitty 2009 Poster2009 is the 20th anniversary of the Miata in racing and Classic Motorsports Magazine and Traqmate are hosting a Miata-only race at the Mitty Historic Races in May.

This will be a fun event, with the goal of getting a huge field of racing Miatas and MX-5s to show up and do what we do best, put on a great show.

Practice and Qualifying will be Friday, May 1st.
Race is Saturday, May 2nd, hopefully right before the MX-5 Cup race.

Entry fee is $275 for three on-track sessions. Compare this to $475 for other HSR races!

HSR is the sanctioning body for this race. They will accept SCCA and NASA licenses. The race will be open to all Miatas and MX-5s that are legal or were legal for SCCA, NASA, or Grand Am competition. So you can dust off that old SSB car if you like. All cars will run on-track together with the following classes planned. There will be prizes for each class with an overall Miata Cup awarded.

Showroom Stock: Any SSB or SSC cars. Must be still in the specifications for the class as originally run.

Spec Miata: Must be current SCCA SM specification

MX-5 – Any MX-5 (2 liter) based car, including SCCA T2, Skip Barber MX-5, or MX-5 Cup Pro Series

Open: All SCCA Production class Miatas, FP or EP.

Mazda is on board with this in a big way and the entire idea is to make this the biggest gathering of racing Miatas ever. The most that can run on the track at one time is 72. If more than that show up, we will break it down into separate qualifying groups.

Mazda is putting up prize money. There will be $2000 in contingencies paid.

Grassroots/Classic Motorsports is putting up money too. If the overall winners is a subscriber (before the start of the race) he gets $250. Each class winner (that is a subscriber) gets $100. The guy who finishes in 25th place also gets $100 (if he is a subscriber) to help commemorate GRM’s 25 years of helping the little guy.

Traqmate is also in the game. We will be awarding $150/$100/$50 awards to the top three cars per class that have a Traqmate installed and which have Traqmate decals.

The Miata race will be added to the sign-up form shortly. Here is the link to HSR’s site. HSR EVENT DETAILS

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