Traqmate & Siegel Racing Team Up

Team Traqmate was in attendance at the Siegel Racing track event at Talladega Gran Prix.

We would like to thank Scott Siegel & his Team for putting such a great little event. Simple, fun and educational. Scott provides a relaxed no pressure environment that is safe and great for anyone looking to learn and grow as a driver. The combination of racing experience & lead follow laps & blow by blow instruction add up to an event that is well worth checking out.
Lil Tallie

We collected data from multiple vehicles throughout the day, running demo’s and analyzing each car & drivers performance. The results can be viewed here.

Traqview software
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Here are some photos of the event

2008 WRX

Dan Parker - JP E36 BMW

In Car Video
94R Miata - Power is everything

Lucy 2 - Built by Top Speed

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