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The Traqmates

What’s it like behind the scenes of a popular TV show like Top Gear USA on the History Channel? 
We at Traqmate got to find out when Top Gear called and wanted to use Traqmates for recording laptimes at their test track. The track is located at the former El Toro Marine base in Orange County California. 
The Start/Finish for the track is now one of the 320 tracks that ship pre-programmed in the Traqmate TraqDash color display. While they hide the equipment as much as possible because, well, the stars are the stars, if you look closely during the “Big Star, Small Car” celebrity laps you can see the GPS antenna on the top of the awesome Suzuki SX4. 
Here are some pictures from the week we spent on site. The shows are currently airing on History.  



If the show looks like fun on TV, that is because it is. The stars are really nice guys and the huge staff that it takes to film the show are extremely dedicated and talented. Here Tanner Foust tries to impress a cute girl from the audience.

And The Stig? Well, he is not much of a conversationalist but he is a hell of a driver as you can see with the attached Traqmate data from the unofficial fastest lap time ever. Big power tuner Hennessey is just up the street from the Top Gear studio and they drop by often with their latest creations. Here is a very short video of The Stig launching the Hennessey ZR1 at the Top Gear Test Track. In person, it sounds like a jet taking off. Click the image to view the video.


This is the Traqmate Track Outline for the Top Gear USA Test Track.


Click the Track Image to download the Stigs Fast Lap Traqview file

in the Hennessey ZR1.


New Website!

 We’ve cleaned up our act at making the website just as easy to use as the rest of our products. The simplified design allows you to even choose your kit right from the home page slide show. The simple drop down menu and categories will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Interested in seeing how the various Traqmate’s compare? Check out the comparison chart.

Stay updated with the latest software. We have made a few updates since our last release. The TraqDash and Traqmate Classic both have new software as of March 2012.
Click Here to Download TraqDash 2.05 Firmware Update


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