Traqmate Loves You! Firmware Updates, GoPro Camera Control, Drag Race, and More!

Traqmate wants to welcome you to the 2012 Racing Season with a powerful lineup of products and FREE software updates to keep you at the head of the field. In this email you will find:

TraqDash 2.00 Firmware Update

This is a major release and should not be missed! All the features you have been waiting for are here, including GoPro HD camera control! 

Added AutoCross / Rally Mode

  • Records and times autocross or rally stage
  • Starts timing on launch
  • Predictive lap timer
  • Automatically stops at end of run
  • Synchronized video recording (with camera controller)

Added Drag Race Mode

  • Measures 1/8 mile, 1000′ and 1/4 mile ETs and speeds
  • Measures 60′, 330′ times and speeds
  • Measures 0-60mph and 0-100mph times
  • Measures launch Gs and acceleration
  • Starts timing on launch
  • Predictive lap timer
  • Automatically stops at selected distance
  • Synchronized video recording (with camera controller)
  • Simulated paper drag slip

Added support for GoPro HD HERO and HERO2 camera control

New file types to distinguish data collected in Race, Drive, AutoX, and Drag modes

New slide-out control panel for shift light and backlight brightness settings

  • Can be changed while racing
  • Shows Sensor Unit status, GPS, and camera status while racing

Other Improvements

  • New color coded warning and information screens
  • Unused analog screens are skipped in rotation
  • Improved camera control algorithms
  • New graphics throughout
  • More extensive built-in help
  • New Tracks and Configurations Added
  • Revised and New Start/Finish Lines
  • Improved Operation with No SD Card
  • Major revision of predictive lap timing – old data no longer valid
  • Analog graphs now show alarm reference line in Traqview

PC Simulator

Check out the Latest PC Simulator to Try Out the New 2.00 TraqDash Software. The simulator can also be used to create configurations and review lap times on your PC.


The TraqDash is unique in that it stores all of its data on the SD card. You no longer need to connect the unit to a computer to update it and you can simply drag and drop the new software releases right to the SD card and the TraqDash will take care of the rest.  
  • Step 1 – Remove the SD card from the TraqDash
  • Step 2 – Insert the SD card into your Card Reader
  • Step 3 – Find or Open the card using the windows pop up. The card will be shown in ‘My Computer’ as another drive.
  • Step 4 – Download the latest version of TraqDash and Sensor Unit software here. TraqDash 2.00 Firmware
  • Step 5 – Locate BOTH the downloaded files on your computer and copy these files to the SD Card in top level folder. You can just drag and drop it right into the SD card or copy and paste it. When you are completed you should see the new file alongside the MySessions and ConfigFiles folders.
  • Step 6 – When copying is complete, remove the SD card from your computer and place it in the TraqDash.
  • Step 7 – Power on your TraqDash. If you performed the steps correctly you will get a popup message alerting you that there is a new software version available. Confirm and continue the install. Wait for the installation to finish. You should see a progress bar during the update process. With the Sensor Unit Connected you will be updating BOTH units during the process.
  • Step 8 – After about 3 minutes the TraqDash will restart and you are ready to Go Racing! All your configurations, data, and track information will be retained.
Traqmate Classic Complete
Upload all your sessions because they will be lost
  • Plug the SU into the DU using the DIN extension cable.
  • Plug the DU into the computer using the USB cable
  • Run Traqview/TraqStudio
  • Select Tools / Firmware Update
  • Connect to DU if not done automatically
  • Use Browse to Pick the dsu.tqc file
  • Click Start and wait until all lights on SU stop flashing
  • Use Browse to pick the du.tqc file
  • Click Start and wait until the DU resets DO NOT DISCONNECT THE UNIT, CLICK CANCEL, OR EXIT TRAQVIEW
  • Click on User Data tab – data should still be there
  • Click on Save User Setup
  • Click on IO Data tab – data should still be there
  • Click on Save IO Setup
Traqmate Basic
Upload all your sessions because they will be lost


  • Plug the Sensor Unit into the Computer
  • Run Traqview/TraqStudio and Select Tools/Firmware Update
  • Connect to the Sensor Unit if not done automatically
  • Use Browse to Pick the ssu.tqc file
  • Click Start and wait until all the lights on the SU stop flashing
Very Important 
To retain your driver, track, and vehicle configurations, after this is complete, go back to the user info and data IO tabs click SAVE before exiting the connection screen.



You asked for it!

All Traqmate products now have the capability to control the GoPro HERO 1080 and HERO 2 HD cameras. Turn on / turn off, record on / record off capabilities.

GoPro Camera Interfaces are Shipping! 

Thank you for all the Pre-Orders. We will be shipping the GoPro Camera Interfaces this week! The response has been overwhelming and we are excited to get these out in the field. These cameras are the perfect companion for the Traqmate data. We are now an authorized GoPro dealer and should have the cameras in stock very soon.

If you already have a GoPro camera and want to get a head start, check out the GoPro Camera Interface Instructions and Back Door Cutting Template here.

If you’ve been on the fence and are on a budget we recommend checking out the Traqmate Basic with GoPro Camera Control. This powerful little package can be setup to automatically turn on and start at a given speed.  Simply run power and you’ll always have Data and HD Video with zero hassle.

Great for Racing Schools, Sanctioning Bodies, Track Day Instruction and anyone who wants simple hands free operation. 
Traqmate, Traqview, TraqDash, TraqStudio, and TraqData are Trademarks of Track Systems Technologies, LLC.
GOPRO® and HERO are registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
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