Traqmate Goes All HD

Thanks to all our customers and dealers for making Traqmate’s High Definition (HD) video solutions such a huge success.

The outstanding HD video quality combined with the low cost of the HD cameras has proven to be an unbeatable combination so we have decided to carry HD video exclusively. All Traqmate Standard Definition (SD) solutions will continue to be supported with software, interface modules, and documentation.

See the TraqCam HD systems in action in here:

Great 3 Part CMP Spec Miata Race

Learn more about TraqCam HD systems here:

If you would like a Traqmate and ChaseCam setup, you can order the

“I Have a ChaseCam and want to Add Data” item:

and purchase ChaseCam products from one of these dealers:

Stable Energies

Racer Parts Wholesale

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