Traqmate Chosen by WebRidesTV

After sampling several data and video systems,, the premier online automotive magazine, has chosen Traqmate for use in vehicle testing and onboard video integration.

“We borrowed a unit from Roush for use in the Roush vs. Saleen Shootout. It was so easy to use and the graphics were great.” said Larry Harvey of WebRidesTV. “We do all our testing and video production in-house and Traqmate is the right choice for our fast-paced environment.”

WebRides will be using the upcoming TraqStudio program that allows users to overlay simulated gauges on their video for onboard shots and the Traqmate for measuring and comparing vehicle performance.

“Traqmate is very pleased to be working with such an innovator in web video broadcasting”, said Glenn Stephens of Traqmate. “WebRidesTV has great production values, better than many TV shows, and their content is always entertaining and informative.”

Look for Traqmate performance information and video in upcoming WebRidesTV videos.

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