Traqmate at the Runoffs

Spec Miatas in the Rain at Barber

Spec Miatas in the Rain at Barber

2011 National Championship Runoffs at Road America 

Glenn from Traqmate will be attending the SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Road America to support our customers. If you need help or would like to see a TraqDash in operation, call Glenn at 404-723-5481. 

This year’s 48th running of the Runoffs will be held at Road America for the third year in-a-row, September 19-25. The week includes qualifying throughout the week and three-straight days of National Championship racing Friday through Sunday.

Click the screenshot below for a link to the Share and Compare Road America site.

Let’s make the TraqDash work for you!



The TraqDash has 3 icons in the upper right corner that indicate system status.

TraqDash Icons
Camera Not Ready
TraqDash Icons
All Ready to Go

If you have a camera enabled, the left icon is a camera outline. It will have an X if the camera is not ready, a check mark if the camera is ready, and a yellow camera outline if the camera is in record mode.

The middle icon shows the status of the SD card. If the card is solid green, it is installed and ready to use or eject. If the card is red, it is currently being updated. You should not eject the card until it turns green. If the icon has an X, it indicates the card is not inserted or write protected.

The right icon shows the status of communications with the sensor unit and the GPS signal strength. A small SU with an X indicates that communications has not been established with the sensor unit. When the icon changes to a grouping of 5 vertical bars, it indicates the GPS signal strength.

TraqDash Back Button
Normal Back Button
TraqDash Back Button
Back Button with Arrows

The TraqDash has a small red button with a left arrow in the lower left corner of most screens. This functions as the Back Button to take you back one menu level. On the gauge screens you will see the Back Button icon also contains two small yellow arrows (up and down). This indicates other gauge screens are available by touching the top or bottom of the screen.

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