Traqmate Miata wins at Road Atlanta

The Traqmate Spec Miata survived heavy rain at Road Atlanta to take the lead with 2 laps to go in the 1.5 hour enduro on July 22nd.

Starting from the pole thanks to the new Race Engineering engine, Glenn Stephens kept it on the track during the downpour and pitted just past halfway in a close third place. The OPM Autosports crew did a fast change to dry tires and co-driver Mark Pombo took the wheel. With the right tires on a drying track, Mark put his head down and picked off the leaders to bring home the win. In the process he turned the best lap time of any class.

Congratulations to the other Traqmate customers who finished first this weekend at Road Atlanta. In many races the top 3 or 4 drivers were part of Team Traqmate.

Todd Lamb won the Spec Miata sprint race.

Jim Jandrisevits won IT7 in the enduro.

Bill Lynes won in GT2.

Mike Cottrell won the Pro-IT in Spec Miata.

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