Traqmate at SCCA Barber – RESULTS

The Traqmate Spec Miata was in action at Birmingham Alabama’s beautiful Barber Motorsports Park on July 6-8. We had data and video systems to demonstrate and assisted our customers and dealers.

We particiapated in two sprint races. The Saturday race was held in a downpour so the true challenge was just seeing where you were going and staying on-track. The team had prepared well with lots of Rain-X, anti-fog and new wiper blades but nothing can prepare you for the pure white-out of the spray at close to 90mph approaching a corner you know is there but cannot see.

After wet qualifying the Team Traqmate drivers compared the Brake and Turn Zone Maps and Segment times to learn the best techniques for each corner. This information helped us pick up 2 spots during the race for a 4th place finish and fast race lap.

Brake and Turn Zone Comparison


On Sunday it was dry and I was wishing I had that new engine a week earlier. The Traqmate Spec Miata did pick up a couple of places during the race and finished 6th. All in all, a good weekend.

Next race is Road Atlanta with a fresh new Race Engineering engine. We are happy to welcome Race Engineering to Team Traqmate and to congratulate Bob Thornton on his dominating race win in the wet on Saturday.

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