TraqDash Shipping and New Software Update

VIR Nissan GTR700 with The Traqmate TraqDash
VIR Nissan GTR700 with The Traqmate TraqDash

How to Update your TraqDash


What’s in the Update 1.35?

Comprehensive race review
See lap times, session details, performance and sensor information
Sort by track and date

Alarm popups
When input goes into alarm state, notification appears on screen alongside warning LEDs

Vmax, Vmin
Tach timing screens now show minimum cornering and maximum straightaway speeds

Improved tach interface
Much easier to set up shift lights and tach gauges

enter name and contact information

Increased timing accuracy
, now to 0.05 seconds

Analog Inputs
Pre-configured for several example sensors

Bug fixes
8 cylinder tach settings
revised start/finish lines
gauge scaling error
keyboard crash bug

The TraqDash is here!

TraqDash Complete – Full Data System

TraqDash Upgrade – Upgrade to the New Display

TraqDash Complete HD – Full Data System with HD Video

Let’s make the TraqDash work for you!

Race Review – Comprehensively redesigned to give you the most information possible. Each button switches modes and detailed lap times and stats are now available.

Start Up – Found in the system settings menu, start up allows you to set the TraqDash to auto-start and auto-on for pure racecar setups.

Personalize – In system settings under storage you can now save personal information and contact info. This information appears during power up.

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