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Replay Mini Now Available! – Ultimate Track Car Challenge @ VIR

Replay Mini Now Available! 
Tirerack Presents 
Ultimate Track Car Challenge


The Annual Ultimate Track Car Challenge at VIR

Friday July 18th

Will You Be One of Our Fast 50?


From Grassroots Motorsports

With our annual no-holds-barred track competition, the aim is to find the fastest machine on four wheels. The Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge presented by Grassroots Motorsports returns to Virginia International Raceway on July 18, 2014. Bring your raucous, flame-belching beast to the track and see if you can best the competition.

The rules are simple: All your car needs to do is pass a NASA safety inspection. Run any tire and any suspension type; add seven turbos, superchargers, displacement, spinning triangles; mount it to a production-based chassis or tube frame; use chromoly, carbon fiber, lexan-whatever your wrenching heart desires.

What do you win? Bragging rights. Wave your trophy of triumph in the air and watch 49 of your fellow track mates quiver in fear of your awesome horsepower and incredible ability as a wheelman. There can be only one ultimate track car, and only one ultimate track car driver. It could be you.

Team Traqmate will be on hand for sales and trackside support. 

Look for Andre’ in the big hat! 


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Go Faster Now with Traqmate!

Krause & Associates LLC

Sunday Feb 6

Wehrmann Engineering, Hauppauge, NY

Last day to register online: Fri Feb 4, 2011

Let us show you how easy it is to use inexpensive GPS-based data acquisition (DAQ) systems to evaluate and improve your driving and GO FASTER NOW!

If you have or are contemplating the purchase of a Traqmate system, we’ll show you how to make the most of these great technology tools without having to be a “data geek.”.

Learn the use of three key performance parameters to identify areas for improvement quickly and efficiently. Identify existing performance levels and how to establish new performance targets!

Featuring the new wave of “approachable technology,” with data and video simply and cleanly integrated, we’ll show you how to coach yourself and improve your performance.

Led by experienced trainer, instructor and coach Peter Krause of Krause & Associates LLC, this seminar will be held at Wehrmann Engineering in Hauppauge, New York between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM Sunday, February 6th.

Held in conjunction with the Technology Racing Services and NY Region SCCA Joe Stimola  Technology Conference, the fee is $79 for two hours of classroom and demonstrations.

If you like, bring your laptop, flash card and/or a USB stick with a representative session of your data and we will spend a short time with a few attendee’s information.

At the conclusion of the seminar, discussion can continue over lunch!

Sign Up Just Follow this Link


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GST Motorsports Impreza Sets New Lap Record! HD Video Inside

Our friends over at Moto IQ recorded some amazing HD in car video of the GST Impreza setting the new lap at the Auto Club Speedway.

Read the Full Article Here

172mph! and nearly 2G’s in the corners = a serious Time Attack Machine.

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Porsche 997 GT2 vs Ferrari F430 Scuderia!

Axis of Oversteer has done an amazing comparison between the 997 GT2 and F430 Scuderia. Both driven to the limits with data and great in car video.

Check out the link below!


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Lesson in Drift Car Dynamics

Moto IQ has been at it again, check out some great in car action at the finals.

Dai Yoshihara and James Deane with Falken Motorsports


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Berk Technology BMW 135i @ Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch

Our friends over at Moto IQ have put together a great article and HD video of the Berk Technology BMW 135i Time Attack car.

Watch the Video and Read all about it Here!

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Moto IQ & Dia Yoshihara use Traqmate

Traqmate featured on Moto IQ – Click to Read the full article and watch the V8 powered drift machine driven by Dia Yoshihara.

Moto IQ is an online magazine & tech driven blog that focuses solely on providing high quality content, in depth articles, how to’s and valueable technical information. If you are at all a gear head, you’ll instantly connect with the Moto IQ message.

Authors include.

Dave Coleman – Engineering Editor for Sport Compact Car

Mike KojimaMike’s professional automotive and motorsports engineering carrier has been wide and varied with stints as an engineer at Toyota Racing Development (TRD), Nissan North America and Nismo North America as well as Pep Boys.   Mike has also served as an engineering consultant for many performance parts manufactures. A prolific author Mike’s writing can be found regularly in the pages of Sport Compact Car Magazine, Turbo Magazine where he was Engineering Editor, Honda Tuner, Import Tuner, Project Car and Grass Roots Motorsports magazine as well as several books for HP publications.

Eric Hsu – Cosworth Engineering & XS Engineering

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VIR Training & Traqmate Seminars

We’ve had such good response to our new seminar series, kicked off in July, we’re going to do it again. These upcoming seminars August 27th and September 12th will allow attendees to become fluent not only in the use and maintenance of the Traqmate system, but begin to and progress making sense of all of the voluminous data collected by this great tool. We’ll help you become familiar and facile with the Windows navigation required to use this system as well.

Traqmate 101 on Thursday August 27th will cover not only hardware interface, file collection and storage workflows, firmware and software updates and becoming familiar with ALL the features of TraqView and TraqStudio, but also begin to delve into what all of this data means and HOW to apply it towards improving your driving THE VERY NEXT SESSION! We’ll study braking rates and behaviors, acceleration rates and transitions, breaking up the track to begin segment analysis (an important tool to evaluate technique changes as simple as whether or not to change a gear at a particular point on the circuit) and to determine TBL, comparison lap setup among your OWN laps and with others. We’ll even show you how to determine the rate and amplitude of steering input to SEE if you’re “on time” (or LATE) through the Uphill Esses at VIR! Even if you’ve used this device for several years, you can come away from this seminar comfortable and confident that you can not only better utilize this information yourself, but know enough to show others how to use it. If you have ANY reservations about the use of the hardware or software, you NEED to attend this seminar. It’s for folks who want to do more than to just “scratch the surface” of this powerful tool. We’ll move right into relatively advanced interpolative analysis in this particular course.

Traqmate 202 on September 12th will focus on making intelligent use of and the interpretation of the collected data FROM A DRIVER’S POINT OF VIEW. Utilizing many of the concepts made popular by William Mitchell and Jorge Segers (SAE, Society of Automotive Engineers technical paper and book authors), Traqmate 202 will explore the various ways the data can be sliced and diced to form a useful and accurate picture of the driver’s strengths and weaknesses, comfort and confidence anywhere on the course. This is not a terribly “technical” or “mathematical” treatise, but instead a critical, intensive look on how to recognize patterns of driver behavior and successfully develop strategies to fix those behaviors that require fixing!

A light dinner will be provided courtesy of Millie’s Pizza from Milton, NC at our facility in the VIPER Dyno Lab in the Main Paddock midway through the seminar. Water, soft drinks and iced tea will be provided. All is included in the price of the seminar. Please spread the word amongst your friends and online so that we can get the word out as soon as possible. We already have several more scheduled for this Fall! Information available at http://driverdevelopment.motorsportreg.com

Hope to see you all there!

Thanks, Peter

Peter Krause
(919) 740-1871
“The Driver is the Greatest Performance Variable in the Racing Equation.”

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June Sprints on GoRacingTV.com


Traqmate is proud to work with GoRacingTV & GoPro for what was an exciting & tragic weekend at this years June Sprints. Traqmate was in attendance doing installing in-car systems, video cameras and as always taking care of our customers.

Click below to watch the first 2 parts series of the event covered by the GoRacingTV Crew.

Go Racing TV
Go Racing TV

Using our advanced GPS the beautiful Road America is plotted below, this high speed track is an absolute must for any racing enthusiast.

Picture 12

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Traqmate in Road & Track Article

The Road & Track article in this month’s magazine detailing the Honda Civic Si race car’s performance at the 25 Hours at Thunderhill mentions the Traqmate product. Traqmate was used for dialing in the cars during development and during practice, qualifying, and the entire 25 hour race for both class-winning cars.

Road & Track Article
Click for larger view

Here is a screen shot of Kim Wolfkill’s accident that he mentions in the writeup.

Kim's Offtrack Excursion
Click for larger view

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