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Replay Mini Now Available! – Ultimate Track Car Challenge @ VIR

Replay Mini Now Available! 
Tirerack Presents 
Ultimate Track Car Challenge


The Annual Ultimate Track Car Challenge at VIR

Friday July 18th

Will You Be One of Our Fast 50?


From Grassroots Motorsports

With our annual no-holds-barred track competition, the aim is to find the fastest machine on four wheels. The Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge presented by Grassroots Motorsports returns to Virginia International Raceway on July 18, 2014. Bring your raucous, flame-belching beast to the track and see if you can best the competition.

The rules are simple: All your car needs to do is pass a NASA safety inspection. Run any tire and any suspension type; add seven turbos, superchargers, displacement, spinning triangles; mount it to a production-based chassis or tube frame; use chromoly, carbon fiber, lexan-whatever your wrenching heart desires.

What do you win? Bragging rights. Wave your trophy of triumph in the air and watch 49 of your fellow track mates quiver in fear of your awesome horsepower and incredible ability as a wheelman. There can be only one ultimate track car, and only one ultimate track car driver. It could be you.

Team Traqmate will be on hand for sales and trackside support. 

Look for Andre’ in the big hat! 


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