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SVRA Vintage Racing @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway – June 4th – 8th


June 4th – 8th

For the first time ever, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will host more than 600 of the world’s finest and most historic racecars as they compete on the recently reconfigured road course as well as running exhibition events on the famed 2.5-mile oval as part of the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association’s Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational to be held June 6-8.
The races will showcase a wide variety of cars including cars that competed in past Indianapolis 500s, cars from the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series, Formula One, Grand-Am prototypes and Trans-Am. In addition, American racing cars from makes like Chevrolet will compete with historic racecars from Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, MG and many others in twelve different classes of racing. A special class will also feature open-wheel race cars with Indianapolis 500 or other historic racing background.

Spectators will be allowed to camp in the infield during this event, marking the first time in the track’s 111 year history that this has been possible. SVRA’s open access to the paddock, race cars, and drivers will make this event the most family-oriented, fan-friendly event ever held at the Speedway.

Glenn from Traqmate will be racing the 1956 Lotus Eleven at the event and testing new products.

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Go Faster Now with Traqmate!

Krause & Associates LLC

Sunday Feb 6

Wehrmann Engineering, Hauppauge, NY

Last day to register online: Fri Feb 4, 2011

Let us show you how easy it is to use inexpensive GPS-based data acquisition (DAQ) systems to evaluate and improve your driving and GO FASTER NOW!

If you have or are contemplating the purchase of a Traqmate system, we’ll show you how to make the most of these great technology tools without having to be a “data geek.”.

Learn the use of three key performance parameters to identify areas for improvement quickly and efficiently. Identify existing performance levels and how to establish new performance targets!

Featuring the new wave of “approachable technology,” with data and video simply and cleanly integrated, we’ll show you how to coach yourself and improve your performance.

Led by experienced trainer, instructor and coach Peter Krause of Krause & Associates LLC, this seminar will be held at Wehrmann Engineering in Hauppauge, New York between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM Sunday, February 6th.

Held in conjunction with the Technology Racing Services and NY Region SCCA Joe Stimola  Technology Conference, the fee is $79 for two hours of classroom and demonstrations.

If you like, bring your laptop, flash card and/or a USB stick with a representative session of your data and we will spend a short time with a few attendee’s information.

At the conclusion of the seminar, discussion can continue over lunch!

Sign Up Just Follow this Link


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GST Motorsports Impreza Sets New Lap Record! HD Video Inside

Our friends over at Moto IQ recorded some amazing HD in car video of the GST Impreza setting the new lap at the Auto Club Speedway.

Read the Full Article Here

172mph! and nearly 2G’s in the corners = a serious Time Attack Machine.

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Porsche 997 GT2 vs Ferrari F430 Scuderia!

Axis of Oversteer has done an amazing comparison between the 997 GT2 and F430 Scuderia. Both driven to the limits with data and great in car video.

Check out the link below!


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Berk Technology BMW 135i @ Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch

Our friends over at Moto IQ have put together a great article and HD video of the Berk Technology BMW 135i Time Attack car.

Watch the Video and Read all about it Here!

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Moto IQ & Dia Yoshihara use Traqmate

Traqmate featured on Moto IQ – Click to Read the full article and watch the V8 powered drift machine driven by Dia Yoshihara.

Moto IQ is an online magazine & tech driven blog that focuses solely on providing high quality content, in depth articles, how to’s and valueable technical information. If you are at all a gear head, you’ll instantly connect with the Moto IQ message.

Authors include.

Dave Coleman – Engineering Editor for Sport Compact Car

Mike KojimaMike’s professional automotive and motorsports engineering carrier has been wide and varied with stints as an engineer at Toyota Racing Development (TRD), Nissan North America and Nismo North America as well as Pep Boys.   Mike has also served as an engineering consultant for many performance parts manufactures. A prolific author Mike’s writing can be found regularly in the pages of Sport Compact Car Magazine, Turbo Magazine where he was Engineering Editor, Honda Tuner, Import Tuner, Project Car and Grass Roots Motorsports magazine as well as several books for HP publications.

Eric Hsu – Cosworth Engineering & XS Engineering

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June Sprints on GoRacingTV.com


Traqmate is proud to work with GoRacingTV & GoPro for what was an exciting & tragic weekend at this years June Sprints. Traqmate was in attendance doing installing in-car systems, video cameras and as always taking care of our customers.

Click below to watch the first 2 parts series of the event covered by the GoRacingTV Crew.

Go Racing TV
Go Racing TV

Using our advanced GPS the beautiful Road America is plotted below, this high speed track is an absolute must for any racing enthusiast.

Picture 12

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Traqmate at Nürburgring

Track Systems was testing Traqmate at the Nürburgring on the afternoon of Monday, October 10th.

Ever since I first saw the video of Tazio Nuvolari tuck his Auto Union Gran Prix car into the banked Karussel I have wanted to drive the Nürburgring. This week I finally got my chance.

The Famous Karussel Corner

For those of you short on Gran Prix history, the ‘Ring is one of the most famous racing circuits in the world. The 21 kilometer (13 mile) track set in the Northwest Eifel Mountains of Germany, not far from Bonn, is almost indescribable. Its lush dark forest, high-speed undulating terrain, and blind turns have given it the nickname, ‘The Green Hell’.

Some years ago it was deemed too dangerous for Formula One Gran Prix events so a new modern track was built south of the original track. This caused the old track to be known as the Nordschleife, or “North Ring”. Every year the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring is still held on the combined North and South Rings. But, more importantly, on selected days Hans Q. Public can also drive on the North Ring. You drive up, slide 15 Euros in a machine and you get a voucher for one E-ticket lap on the ‘Ring. As the old saying goes, ‘You pays your money, you takes your chances’. If you screw up (and three people did the day I was there), they scrape up the remnants of your car and keep going.

The Nordschliefe

I was staying south of Stuttgart which is a pretty good distance from the ‘Ring. Luckily the Germans saw fit to invent the Autobahn for just this little problem. Now all I need is a suitable vehicle. Since I can’t airlift my Spec Miata in for the week (oh that I could!!) I needed to rent something. I requested an Audi or BMW with a manual transmission. The rental company’s outdated website lists 2 litre gasoline cars in that class which would have been fast enough to have fun but not outright dangerous. Unfortunately high fuel costs have led to Diesel-Mania in Europe and I ended up with a FWD 1.9L Diesel Audi A4 Station Wagon on all-weather tires. But, hey, it did have a 5 speed! Now I must say that the car handled pretty well with only moderate understeer and the fuel mileage was incredible. However, swift it was not.

On the Autobahn

Undaunted I pointed the wimpy little diesel north on the Autobahn and jammed the pedal on the floor. The best I was able to do after several downhill miles while drafting a BMW was 205kph or 123mph. Of course I took along a Traqmate for official timing and scoring. I must say the German road manners are impeccable and their roads are fantastic. Unfortunately the Autobahn can be congested and there are lots of construction zones. Even when all is clear, driving at such elevated speeds requires high levels of concentration and wears on you after a while. After a few tense hours I pulled up in front of the Grüne Hölle (Green Hell) Bistro, the official clubhouse of the ‘Ring.

Rental Car at the Grüne Hölle

The parking lot was filled with every type of performance car and motorcycle imaginable. I met Alfa Romeo owners from Seattle, Porsche owners from Britain, BMW owners from Belgium, and a gaggle of Deutschlanders, all ready to tackle the Ring. I was a little nervous but I got my ticket and chugged my little Audi into line with the Porsches. I inserted my ticket, the gate went up, and I charged into the unknown – and I do mean unknown. Every time I crested a hill I had no idea which way the road would turn. I learned to read the rubber marks on the road for clues. Soon the faster cars and experienced drivers started overtaking me and I could hang with them for a while.

On the Ring

On my third lap I latched onto a driver in a race-prepped VW Golf. Driving a diesel hard was the strangest thing. I expected low-end torque but there was not much. However the mid-range (2500-3500 RPM) was great. The redline was at 4500 and it was worthless above 4000 so you have to re-train yourself to shift early and often. Furthermore, there is no engine braking so you can’t use that to help slow you down. I started getting the hang of it but the smoke pouring off the brakes and engine and the red mist filling the cabin told me to take a break.

After lunch someone managed to mangle the guardrail so with a long drive back I had to settle for only 3 laps, but they were sublime. As I motored home on the Autobahn I reflected on my day’s accomplishments: First and foremost, I drove in the tire-tracks of greatness. Also important to me was recording video and Traqmate data of the ‘Ring that we can combine into a marketing promotion, and finally, I sure got my money’s worth out of that rental car!

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Traqmate Petit LeMans

Track Systems will be providing assistance to Pombo Racing and other teams participating in the Petit LeMans and support races at Road Atlanta September 27th – October 1st.

Track Systems at Champion Audi

Track Systems Personnnel after Technology Briefing with Champion Audi

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