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We’ve been working hard for you on the latest version of Share and Compare. We realize the fastest way to learn to go faster is to compare your data and video against other drivers. That is why we improved the format, added tons of new tracks, more racing videos and data.

Completely integrated with Google/Youtube and Facebook logins for easy access. Create your racing profile, add cars, learn new tracks and easily upload data and video for all your favorite tracks.

  • Tons of fresh Video Content
  • New Tracks 
  • YouTube Video Uploader
  • Social Media Integration
  • Start/Finish Coordinates for 300+ Tracks
  • Racer Profiles and much, much more…
SCCA Runoffs at Road America
Team Traqmate will be attending the SCCA Runoffs at Road America from Sept 19th – 23rd. We will be there to support customers, perform updates and sell replacement parts.  
You can find us at the OPM tent throughout the week. 
For specific request call 1-877-289-0312 or


Share and Compare

Traqmate has extensive training videos available to help you learn how to use our products more effectively.

Click this link to see all the videos or check out the samples below.

Software Demo 
Traqview and TraqStudio Demo
Traqview and TraqStudio Demo
TraqDash Operation
TraqDash Operation
TraqDash Operation


Comparing Files
Comparing Two Drivers or Sessions
Comparing Two Drivers or Sessions


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