Team Traqmate attended SEMA this year to check out what is happening in the industry…here are a few things we saw.

Yes she is real Imports were all the rage

Jay Leno Jay Leno had his Turbine powered show car that ran on Bio Diesel, it only made 800hp.

Clear Wheels Clear wheels, polycarbonate center sections, cleaning the inside should be a real joy!

Matte Finish Matte finish paint jobs were also quite popular

Koenigsegg The Koenigsegg CCX was in attendance, sporting 800+ HP in a tidy package

Bugati Veyron The Bugati Veyron is a 250mph supercar that just didn’t stand out for some reason, that is SEMA for you.

T1 Caparo The T1 Caparo is a stunningly tiny car. Weight is 1100lbs with nearly 500hp at 10,500rpms, so it should be great fun at a auto-x.

TC Cline TC Clines full carbon fiber bodied Z4 Mcoupe was gorgeous with excellent fit & finish.

Volvo Stunning old school Volvo sporting 600hp was a site to behold, simply the best.

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