Road Atlanta Traqmate Test Day

Team Traqmate was in attendance over the weekend at the Panoz track-day at Road Atlanta. Two cars were running Traqmate’s, Dan and his Lotus Elise and a Very Powerful GT2 driven by Cleve Meredith, Cleve’s GT2 struggled to lay the 630RWHP to the pavement once the track temps began to rise. Both drivers mentioned the tires feeling greasy after a few laps.

Traqmate Sticker
Dan’s Lotus

Traqmate Mounted in the functional Elise interior

After only one session

Nice clean running Rx-7

Car-Nutz Auto Spa GT2 and Cleve’s personal track weapon

Traqmate mounted in about a minute

Dan’s Exhaust got a great heat patina to it after the event

Plenty of Flames shot out of this beautiful tip throughout the day

It was a great event, with no broken cars or major incidents. Thanks again to Dan and Cleve for running Traqmate’s in their cars.

Cleve’s GT2 Data

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