Racing @ The Mitty and TraqDash HD Twincam

Racing at the Mitty
Team Traqmate met with many of our customers at the recent Classic Motorsports Mitty historic races at the high speed Road Atlanta circuit. 
Our customers have some awesome cars and we thought we would share some of their exciting in-car videos with TraqStudio data overlays.
Porsche 911 @ Road Atlanta 
Video created using the new TraqDash HD
Cobra Automotive Mustang @ Road Atlanta
Video created using HERO2
Indy Car @ Road Atlanta
Video created with unfortunately smudged HERO3
New Date! Was April 23rd. Now May 7th.

Wed May 7th 8pm Eastern

Car or Driver?

Using Data and Video to Improve Both*


Presented by Glenn Stephens

This Webinar contains more advanced data and video analysis. It should be useful to both new and advanced Traqmate users. It is multi-media, includes several real-world examples, and focuses on three primary topics:


Determining Driving Styles

Tailoring the Car to the Driver’s Preferred Style

Recognizing Car and Driver Behaviors and Responses from Data and Video

There is a $20 charge for attending this webinar.
* Originally presented at Motorsports Expo (MSX) 2014


 TraqDash HD
Camera System


The New TraqDash HD Camera System is here! 

Complete TraqDash data and in-car experience combined with crisp 1080p HD video camera for only $1499!

Everything you need for high quality data and video. You won’t find a better deal anywhere and the quality is unmatched at any price.

  • TraqDash Complete System
  • New 1080p Camera with basic mounts
  • TraqStudio Video Software
  • TraqTach RPM Input
  • All associated cables
  • Use in addition to other Traqmate cameras
  • New Optional TwinCam Camera Kit


Upgrade to HD

Already have a TraqDash? 

Add Crisp HD Video for less than $200!

  • New 1080p Camera with basic mounts
  • TraqDash Mounting Plate
  • TraqDash Camera Control Update
  • All associated cables 
  • Use in addition to other Traqmate cameras 
  • New Optional TwinCam Camera Kit 

 New Add a Second Camera Kit – Order Now!

This kit is designed for customers who already have the new TraqDash HD or HD camera kit and want to add a second camera. 

We have had great reviews for our new Mobius cameras. Customers love the simple operation and the razor sharp video. So what could be better?

Now you can run two of them from a TraqDash with the new Add a Second Camera Kit package, $169 for the second camera kit, including the camera!

Order yours today to get the first shipments, expected before May 16th.

TraqDash HD and the HD Camera Kit can also be optioned to include the new TwinCam setup as well. 

Super Close Finish at AMP
Super Close Finish at AMP
Video Created with TraqDash HD and TraqStudio
PIP Created with RaceRender



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