Petit LeMans

Team Traqmate was in attendance at this years Petit LeMan, the annual event set records in attendance. The weather was perfect for the big races throughout the weekend. Traqmate was doing some testing for the SCCA SPEED World Challenge race series.

BimmerWorld Thomas’s Bimmerworld car was equipped with a Traqmate

BimmerWorld Ron installing a Traqmate in Thomas’s car

ChipHerrCar The Stasis engineering Audi driven by Chip Herr was also running a Traqmate.

Trunk The Traqmate installed in Chip’s Audi, installs in seconds, perfect for testing.

Chipper Chip signing autographs after his win

Cunningham Cunningham’s Acura TSX was equipped with a Traqmate for testing purposes during the weekend as well.

Dodge The #13 Dodge SRT4 is proving to be a force to be reckoned with only one season under its belt.

Trunk Traqmate installed in the SRT4’s trunk

Pobst Randy Pobst a local favorite won the race in his MazdaSpeed Mazda 6

PobstTrunk Traqmate installed in Randy’s trunk

We would like thank the SCCA and the everyone involved for a great weekend! Thanks and see you next year

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