Nasa “HotLanta Challenge”

Traqmate was well represented at the packed Nasa “HotLanta” event, despite rain early on Saturday the drivers were undeterred as they dropped down through turn twelve. The standing water eventually dried up along the racing line and the speeds increased, oddly more incidents occurred in the dry than the wet.
This event had it all, everything from track day participants to full on time trial racers and even drift demos! The paddock was FULL with a huge variety vehicles and drivers. From full on race prepped Z06’s and GT3’s to home built track machines, everyone was out to have a good time at this great event.

Carrera GT
Unfortunately Team Traqmate’s official car had to be parked in the rain due to a pending lawsuit 😉 Just kidding, beautiful car.

This E30 M3 was impressive on the track before he got tangled up at 10a & b

Shot of his Traqmate mounting

FOR SALE! and the sound was well worth the price of admission. Nothing beats a the scream of a 355!

The day was not without incident, the driver was ok. Monster NSX was very fast.

Detuned to 580hp at the wheels…this supercharged nsx was dominant! Scott from Siegel Racing was helping out this team.

The NSX was keeping track with his Traqmate

Beautiful black Exige

993 RS, the last of the air-cooled. Just perfect

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