HyperSport and Traqmate at Road Atlanta

Hypersport of Atlanta was at Road Atlanta this past weekend testing out their prototype turbocharged Lotus Elise and a new Exige. Team Traqmate installed Traqmate’s in both vehicles to see what 285hp to the wheels in a 1900lb car can really do. Comparing a basically stock Elise to Hypersports turbo car on the strait really shows what boost can do! With our easy to use software you can quickly compare the two cars, while Hypersports cars entry speed was significantly slower entering the strait, its exit speed over the segment was 9mph faster, before the driver let off. With the right driver Hypersports car is devastatingly fast!

Hypersport Turbo Elise
Hypersports Turbo Elise making 285hp at the wheels!

Beautifully welded turbo manifold with a GT28RS turbo aka “Disco Potato”

Exige was on hand as well.

Click for larger view. Traqview comparison of Stock Elise vs. Turbo car on the Strait. Boost rules the day.

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