GRM Ultimate Track Car Challenge

Team Traqmate was in attendance at GRM’s Ultimate Track Car Challenge. Innovative and creative drivers, builders, and masochist were on hand to compete with their ultimate creations. Some amazingly potent and sometimes explosive machinery was on hand. Heat had its affect on the turbo crowd, but attrition seamed to be the overall theme no matter what your setup was. If you’re a car geek, and enjoy seeing creative minds at work…this event is for you.
Check out just a few of the cars at the event

Randy Harris’s RX-7


Plymouth Colt...429hp to the wheels.

Yes….its a Plymouth Colt. 429Hp to the wheels and 11’s all day.

Power Stations Miata…375HP to the wheels, 2100lbs, 275W Hoosiers

Screaming Yellow S2000 Track Car

Clean E46 M3 with Traqmate installed.

Nerd Racing 2.5L stroked S2000

This SPEC E30 was featured on the Cover of GRM-Having Traqmate and Chase Cam PDR certainly helps him in the running

Car Domain Wagoneer


BMW Drifter…


Traqview Software Demo

RX-7 Data

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