Gorman Motorsports Hosts Traqmate Training

Traqmate Dealer, Gorman Motorsports, will be holding their first Traqstudio training day on Saturday April 18, 2009 at their shop in Fremont, CA. This class is an excellent way for a beginner to get up to speed or an advanced user to brush up.

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This is a beginning level class to help students utilize Traqmate and Traqstudio to improve driver performance. This class starts with the fundamentals of Data Acquisition using Traqmate and Traqstudio and ends with the student proficient in the Traqstudio software. This class doesn’t just repeat the manual, it teaches students how to use the software to become faster.

This class will cover the following topics:

– What is Data Acquisition?
– Using Data Acquisition for Driver Improvement
– Basic Data Collection
– TraqStudio Fundamentals
– Data Analysis using TraqStudio
– Real World Analysis of Braking, Throttle, Steering, Proper Line, and more
– Weekend Workflow
– Question and Answer Session

The class is $99.00.

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