Free Webinar – Traqmate Hosts Jim Drago, SCCA National Champion

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We are creating our first ever Webinar to discuss some basic Traqmate information and to talk with Jim Drago of East Street Racing about how he used Traqmate to win at the 2012 SCCA Runoffs!

If the Webinar is well received, we will hold more with other guests and experts to help you improve your racing and Traqmate skills. This webinar is free and space is limited so sign up now through the Traqmate Store. Expected running time is 60 minutes.

We will have a short Q&A afterward to answer questions. All questions submitted before and during the webinar will be answered and emailed to all participants.

Learn More about what it takes to be a winner.

Take a ride on a few selected laps with Jim Drago, 2012 SCCA Spec Miata National Champion at the first SCCA Major of 2013 at historic Sebring International Raceway. 


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