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Free Shipping

Free Shipping on orders in the USA!
Take advantage of all the great values that Traqmate has to offer. We’ve put together some great packages for the racer in your life.
A $600+ dollar value is now only 399.00!

You can now add a GoPro HERO2 to any HD Kit for only 249.00! 

Get a new TwinCam system for even less than before and start seeing double!


Traqmate will be exhibiting at the PRI Trade Show

PRI Booth 3116, November 29 – Dec 1

at Orlando Convention Center

Stop by to check out all the latest Traqmate gear.

Get some tips from professional driver coach Peter Krause.

Friday 11/30 – 10am – 12 

HERO3 News –  Our GoPro camera interfaces do not work with the new GoPro HERO3 cameras at this time. We are working hard to develop an interface that will but we do not have an estimate for the completion of that task. Meanwhile you can still get great deals on the HERO2 and Traqmate controllers in the Traqmate Store.


Some advantages of the HERO2:

– less expensive

– uses full size SD card

– same great video quality

Firmware – GoPro recently released a new Protune version of firmware for the HERO2. The new firmware  is designed for compatibility with television and video production equipment and does not offer any real benefits to our customers. We do not recommend installing it. 

The Protune Firmware has a large startup delay that causes a timing issue with the Traqmate system. Please follow these detailed instructions on how to downgrade your GoPro firmware if you have already upgraded and are experiencing sync issues. We are working on a solution but in the meantime here is the How to Guide.
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