FR-S Fast Lap at VIR, Spec Miata Track Record at AMP

Purchased on Friday, Tracked on Monday! 

Pro driver Mike Skeen takes the brand new Scion FR-S rear-wheel-drive sports coupe for a fast lap at Virginia International Raceway. Of course we brought along a Traqmate and a GoPro camera to record the event. As you can see, the FR-S is a real contender, running a 2:24 lap bone stock!


Mike Skeen - Scion FRS at VIR
Mike Skeen – Scion FRS at VIR

Special Thanks to
Gabe the FR-S Owner and Ed Crowder for Video Setup

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Spec Miata lap record at AMP Short Course
This was recorded at the first ever SCCA event at Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, Ga. The first day of the event was held on the south 2/3 of AMP which is the tricky, technical part. Since this was the first time the short course had ever been used, you know there was going to be a lap record set and it kept coming down throughout the day.
Atlanta Motorsports Park Short Course
Atlanta Motorsports Park Short Course
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