Endurance Racing!

Traqmate teamed up with Sector Purple Racing for the
Two Miatas were equipped with Traqmate TraqDash systems for the longest endurance race in North America. Both systems worked perfectly, collecting many hours of day and night driving and providing the drivers with vital information. The shift lights protected the cars and the predictive lap timers got the new drivers up to speed quickly. The Traqmate systems also controlled and charged two Mobius cameras per car. 
At Traqmate, we race what we sell. All new products and software is track tested before it gets into our customers hands. We used this tough environment to shake down a new product which will be releasing in the new year so watch for an announcement. It worked perfectly and provided our driver teams with a competitive edge. 

The red team car finished on the podium in the E2 class against some very solid competition. Unfortunately one of our drivers in the silver team car was involved in a serious accident late in the night when the car ran out of fuel on track while leading the E3 class. The driver is recovering well and is looking forward to next race season.
Do you have what it takes to qualify in the dark, in a downpour, and with massive speed differentials between cars? Check out the videos in the link above to watch our two drivers take on the challenge. 
Addtional photos of the event:
Our Cars

HSR Classic 24 Hours – Jochen Mass incar video of a 1974 911 RSR.
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