Dunlop Tire Test with Traqmate Video

Traqmate was on hand for the release of the new Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 extreme performance summer tire is “for hard-core driving enthusiasts and car-club members on the track. The tire helps deliver superb dry traction and handling in autocross and for car-club track days,” according to Janice Consolacion, Dunlop manager of marketing.

The Direzza was tested along side the Bridgestone performance benchmark during the dry Auto-X event which featured 08’s Subaru WRX’s. Automotive journalist were treated to a battery of test including a wet auto-x and a road course which featured the european market Dunlop performance tire for the BMW M5. Traqmate provided 3 angle video using our Chase Cam system for the road course, while the auto-x featured 2 angle video and data collection by Traqmate for a more detailed analysis of the different tires performance at the limit. Overall the Dunlop tires were praised for their grip and overall performance in all conditions. Journalist from Car & Driver, Road & Track, European Car, Grassroots Motorsports and even the owner of Tire Rack among others were given a take home compact flash card with video them driving at the event. It was great to speak with the various journalist about the ease of use and powerful data acquisition that Traqmate provides. The no hassle simple setup that Traqmate has achieved made it an ideal choice for this event. We look forward to working with other manufactures in the future and we appreciate the chance to work with E Paul and his team from Performance Marketing Group.












M5 on Road Course

Auto-x in the new WRX sedan

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