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Traqmate Goes to Canada

The Traqmate Lotus will be in action at Mosport International Raceway for the VARAC Vintage Festival from June 17-20th. We will be celebrating Mosport’s 50th anniversary with our Canadian dealer Gateway Racing which is based right at the track.

We will have Traqmate Data with High Definition Video playing on the big screen, free software and firmware upgrades, and T-shirts for Traqmate customers so come by and meet the Traqmate and Gateway teams and see some great vintage racecars in action.

Here are some videos from recent Traqmate Lotus outings.

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HD Video Integration Now Available

Traqmate is pleased to offer a new HD product offering, that combined with our present data acquisition technology, provides completely synchronized high quality data and video recording for those interested in preserving the ultimate record of their driving experience. The result is simply stunning video.

Click Here to Check it Out

click image for hi-res actual screenshot

Here are the Details:

Synchronization is accomplished via a new TraqData HD device that plugs into any camcorder with a LANC or Ctl-L interface which includes almost all Sony camcorders. We recommend the new HD units that record on solid-state MemoryStick Pro Flash media because they are vibration resistant and can be played back immediately with a card reader. TraqData HD also provides 4 Analog, 2 Digital, and one RPM inputs.

Camera units tested and recommended are the Sony HDR-CX100 and HDR-CX110, both of which are full 1080 resolution, quite small, and commercially available for under $500. The Sony line ranges from $350 to over $1000 depending on quality and features and have 12V DC adapters for in-car use and LCD screens for aiming.

These systems are now available for sale in the Traqmate Online Store. Cameras can be purchased through a link in our store to, which provides the most competitive pricing on Sony cameras and accessories.

To play back in 1080 fullscreen, a reasonably powerful computer will be required.

Minimum System Requirements

Intel Core2 Duo P7200 or higher, Intel Core i5 or higher, or equivalent 2GHz Clock Speed or Higher, 2MB L2 Cache, 3 GB DDR2 or DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GeForce 9500 or better (includes 200 series, 210 and up), ATI Radeon 2400 or higher, or Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 or higher video card, and 250GB Hard disk. Laptops with these minimum specs are available in the $700 – $1000 range. Lower resolution 720P and 1080 in a less-than-fullscreen window require less horsepower.

For rugged applications or where a bullet cam is preferable, Traqmate will continue to sell and support the ChaseCam line of standard definition cameras and recorders with our TraqSync and TraqData II interface modules.

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New TraqStudio / Traqview and Traqmate Firmware

New software and firmware is available. FREE UPDATES!

TraqStudio 3.00

Enhanced Features
  • Optional Friction Circle Cursor Trails
  • Optional Friction Circle Vector display
  • Updated graphical video dash
    • Classic/solo/full dash versions
    • Sizable
    • Transparent
  • Better support for GoPro video (non HD) and other cameras using MJPEG format
  • Single or separate distance cursors
  • Video files optionally renamed to match the session file
  • Templates to save program default setups (ie lap selection mode, open graphs/forms)
  • Lap selection for ‘all’ drivers
  • Time/distance graphs ‘collapsed’ on setup screen
  • New auto-segment methods
  • Rules for opening previously named video files when a session is opened
  • Search for video files
  • Search for session/analysis files
  • Right click options
  • Improved Video Creation (SD only)
    • DashPaq Gauges
    • Selectable full or tach only
    • Transparency
    • Sizable
    • Location options
    • Pre/post roll function
  • Improved handling of smaller (less than 640×480) video input files. When a smaller format is detected (like those produced by the GoPro camera) the frames are resized to a larger intermediate size, graphic overlay applied, and resized to the final output.
  • Improved traqmate basic data transfer
  • Improved graph range limits
Click link below to download FREE update.

Traqview 3.00

Enhanced Features
  • Optional Friction Circle Cursor Trails
  • Optional Friction Circle Vector display
  • Single or separate distance cursors
  • Templates to save program default setups (ie lap selection mode, open graphs/forms)
  • Lap selection for ‘all’ drivers
  • Time/distance graphs ‘collapsed’ on setup screen
  • New auto-segment methods
  • Search for session/analysis files
  • Right click options
  • Improved traqmate basic data transfer
  • Improved graph range limits
Click link below to download FREE update.

New Traqmate Firmware 3.00

Enhanced Features

  • Data recovery feature that will salvage data lost due to power interruption
  • Support for new TraqData HD interface with HD cameras
  • Faster GPS lock

Traqmate Complete Firmware

Traqmate Basic Firmware

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Traqmate Announces Share & Compare and Planet Traqmate

Share and Compare

Traqmate is pleased to announce two extremely powerful new ways to share your data and video, research and explore tracks around the world, and Replay Your Day. Using the power of Google Maps and YouTube, Traqmate Share and Compare allows you to upload and download data, play videos created with TraqStudio, and view a track or driving route on a real satellite image! Traq Search makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and once you’re there you can read about the track, check it out on the map, download data files and watch videos all in one place!

But wait there’s more!

Planet Traqmate

Planet Traqmate is a Google Earth database of tracks worldwide, including professional and amateur tracks and even factory test tracks. Fly over the 3D world and find new tracks, click on them to get their location, zoom in to see the layout and facilities, create directions to the track, and learn some history.

Planet Traqmate

Brand Hatch

Planet Traqmate uses the Google Earth Plugin. If necessary, your browser should prompt you to install it. You may need to restart your browser and click ‘ok’ to any security warnings the first time you use it. Planet Traqmate is Compatible with IE, FireFox, Safari, and Chrome.

Share and Compare

to Join our Online Community and Share with the World.

It’s Easy as Always.

Join us online at where you will find not only Share and

Compare and Planet Traqmate but these other valuable resources:

Traqmate Forum connect with thousands of Traqmate users and employees around the world.

Learn to Go Faster is an online training tool for exploring the features in Traqview and TraqStudio.
Dealer Finder where you can connect to local resources to help you install or use your Traqmate.
Free Software and Firmware updates for more features.
Traqmate Event Calendar to see events that Traqmate will be attending or

Traqmate Online Store where you can purchase the latest Traqmate products and accessories.

Click Here to Start Sharing Now!

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SCCA Runoffs at Road America

Traqmate will have an entire crew at Road America the week of September 21-27 to assist our customers.

Since the Traqmate Spec Miata will be campaigning, we will not be located in the vendor area but in the competitor area, over the Sargento bridge. See the map below.

If you need to contact us, call our 800 number at 877-289-0312.

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VIR Training & Traqmate Seminars



Krause & Associates LLC, a leading driver development training, instruction and coaching firm located on-site at Virginia International Raceway (VIR), has announced the first of many training seminars for the high performance driver education and club-level competition driver. These seminars will be hosted in the summer months by VIPER (Virginia Institute for Performance Engineering and Research) in their Drivetrain Lab in the Main Paddock at VIR and alternate with those held at the Krause & Associates LLC Driver Development Studio in Virginia Motorsport Technology Park and adjoining the VIR RacePlex, due to open after Labor Day.

Typically scheduled for late afternoon and early evening preceding particular, popular events at VIR, these two-hour sessions will cover a wide variety of topics, focusing on making more accessible the utilization of technology to improve driver performance as well as quantifying, evaluating and improving car performance.

Current and future planned topics include an full range of data analysis training for use and interpretation  of Traqmate data, basic and intermediate chassis set-up, powertrain optimization using dynamometer testing and a particular focus on utilizing the groundbreaking iRacing simulation as a training tool to better drive ALL configurations of VIR! A light dinner and beverages will be provided as part of the registrant package for these seminars.

The first two seminars will be held late Thursday afternoon, July 23, and early Friday evening, July 24, in concert with the National Auto Sport Association-Mid Atlantic event and the Grassroots Motorsports Motorsports Magazine “Ultimate Track Car Challenge.”

The topic for the inaugural July 23 session is “Traqmate 101, An Introduction to Using GPS-Based Data Acquisition to Improve Driver Performance.” The topic for the July 24 seminar is “Traqmate 201, An Introduction to the Interpretation of Data to Quantify and Evaluate Driver Performance.”

Additional seminars are scheduled to be held Friday afternoon, August 21, before the VIRMCC Member Day and will cover “Technology and the Track Day Driver,” including a presentation by Victor Seaber of the Drivetrain Lab at VIPER. Another “Data Acquisition 101, An Introduction to Using GPS-Based Data Acquisition to Improve Driver Performance” will be held the following week preceding the TrackDaze LLC date at VIR.

Registration is now available on-line Here and is limited to the first ten registrants for each date.


Viper Service

Krause & Associates

Take a quick lap around VIR

Quick Lap Around VIR

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Traqside Support at SCCA Runoffs

Traqmate will be in full force at this year’s SCCA Runoffs in Topeka, Kansas. We will have our own Traqmate Trailer and plenty of personnel to provide support to all Traqmate customers and dealers.

Heartland Park

Traqmate will also be your point of contact at the Runoffs for ChaseCam service. If you have a ChaseCam problem, even if purchased elsewhere, we will be there to help.

If you want to meet us, would like to learn more about Traqmate, or if you need assistance, you can find us in the Vendor Area or you can call us at 877-289-0312.

Traqmate Helping Customers

Traqmate Support Trailer

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Traqmate at NASA Mid-Ohio

Ron from Traqmate will be attending the NASA championships at Mid-Ohio.

We will be assisting customers and demonstrating TraqStudio. To contact us, call Ron at 404-520-6144.

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GRM Ultimate Track Car Challenge

Team Traqmate was in attendance at GRM’s Ultimate Track Car Challenge. Innovative and creative drivers, builders, and masochist were on hand to compete with their ultimate creations. Some amazingly potent and sometimes explosive machinery was on hand. Heat had its affect on the turbo crowd, but attrition seamed to be the overall theme no matter what your setup was. If you’re a car geek, and enjoy seeing creative minds at work…this event is for you.
Check out just a few of the cars at the event

Randy Harris’s RX-7


Plymouth Colt...429hp to the wheels.

Yes….its a Plymouth Colt. 429Hp to the wheels and 11’s all day.

Power Stations Miata…375HP to the wheels, 2100lbs, 275W Hoosiers

Screaming Yellow S2000 Track Car

Clean E46 M3 with Traqmate installed.

Nerd Racing 2.5L stroked S2000

This SPEC E30 was featured on the Cover of GRM-Having Traqmate and Chase Cam PDR certainly helps him in the running

Car Domain Wagoneer


BMW Drifter…


Traqview Software Demo

RX-7 Data

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Traqmate at SCCA Barber – RESULTS

The Traqmate Spec Miata was in action at Birmingham Alabama’s beautiful Barber Motorsports Park on July 6-8. We had data and video systems to demonstrate and assisted our customers and dealers.

We particiapated in two sprint races. The Saturday race was held in a downpour so the true challenge was just seeing where you were going and staying on-track. The team had prepared well with lots of Rain-X, anti-fog and new wiper blades but nothing can prepare you for the pure white-out of the spray at close to 90mph approaching a corner you know is there but cannot see.

After wet qualifying the Team Traqmate drivers compared the Brake and Turn Zone Maps and Segment times to learn the best techniques for each corner. This information helped us pick up 2 spots during the race for a 4th place finish and fast race lap.

Brake and Turn Zone Comparison


On Sunday it was dry and I was wishing I had that new engine a week earlier. The Traqmate Spec Miata did pick up a couple of places during the race and finished 6th. All in all, a good weekend.

Next race is Road Atlanta with a fresh new Race Engineering engine. We are happy to welcome Race Engineering to Team Traqmate and to congratulate Bob Thornton on his dominating race win in the wet on Saturday.

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