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GST Motorsports Impreza Sets New Lap Record! HD Video Inside

Our friends over at Moto IQ recorded some amazing HD in car video of the GST Impreza setting the new lap at the Auto Club Speedway.

Read the Full Article Here

172mph! and nearly 2G’s in the corners = a serious Time Attack Machine.

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Porsche 997 GT2 vs Ferrari F430 Scuderia!

Axis of Oversteer has done an amazing comparison between the 997 GT2 and F430 Scuderia. Both driven to the limits with data and great in car video.

Check out the link below!

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Traqmate Goes All HD

Thanks to all our customers and dealers for making Traqmate’s High Definition (HD) video solutions such a huge success.

The outstanding HD video quality combined with the low cost of the HD cameras has proven to be an unbeatable combination so we have decided to carry HD video exclusively. All Traqmate Standard Definition (SD) solutions will continue to be supported with software, interface modules, and documentation.

See the TraqCam HD systems in action in here:

Great 3 Part CMP Spec Miata Race

Learn more about TraqCam HD systems here:

If you would like a Traqmate and ChaseCam setup, you can order the

“I Have a ChaseCam and want to Add Data” item:

and purchase ChaseCam products from one of these dealers:

Stable Energies

Racer Parts Wholesale

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Traqmate Announces Share & Compare and Planet Traqmate

Share and Compare

Traqmate is pleased to announce two extremely powerful new ways to share your data and video, research and explore tracks around the world, and Replay Your Day. Using the power of Google Maps and YouTube, Traqmate Share and Compare allows you to upload and download data, play videos created with TraqStudio, and view a track or driving route on a real satellite image! Traq Search makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and once you’re there you can read about the track, check it out on the map, download data files and watch videos all in one place!

But wait there’s more!

Planet Traqmate

Planet Traqmate is a Google Earth database of tracks worldwide, including professional and amateur tracks and even factory test tracks. Fly over the 3D world and find new tracks, click on them to get their location, zoom in to see the layout and facilities, create directions to the track, and learn some history.

Planet Traqmate

Brand Hatch

Planet Traqmate uses the Google Earth Plugin. If necessary, your browser should prompt you to install it. You may need to restart your browser and click ‘ok’ to any security warnings the first time you use it. Planet Traqmate is Compatible with IE, FireFox, Safari, and Chrome.

Share and Compare

to Join our Online Community and Share with the World.

It’s Easy as Always.

Join us online at where you will find not only Share and

Compare and Planet Traqmate but these other valuable resources:

Traqmate Forum connect with thousands of Traqmate users and employees around the world.

Learn to Go Faster is an online training tool for exploring the features in Traqview and TraqStudio.
Dealer Finder where you can connect to local resources to help you install or use your Traqmate.
Free Software and Firmware updates for more features.
Traqmate Event Calendar to see events that Traqmate will be attending or

Traqmate Online Store where you can purchase the latest Traqmate products and accessories.

Click Here to Start Sharing Now!

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VIR Training & Traqmate Seminars

We’ve had such good response to our new seminar series, kicked off in July, we’re going to do it again. These upcoming seminars August 27th and September 12th will allow attendees to become fluent not only in the use and maintenance of the Traqmate system, but begin to and progress making sense of all of the voluminous data collected by this great tool. We’ll help you become familiar and facile with the Windows navigation required to use this system as well.

Traqmate 101 on Thursday August 27th will cover not only hardware interface, file collection and storage workflows, firmware and software updates and becoming familiar with ALL the features of TraqView and TraqStudio, but also begin to delve into what all of this data means and HOW to apply it towards improving your driving THE VERY NEXT SESSION! We’ll study braking rates and behaviors, acceleration rates and transitions, breaking up the track to begin segment analysis (an important tool to evaluate technique changes as simple as whether or not to change a gear at a particular point on the circuit) and to determine TBL, comparison lap setup among your OWN laps and with others. We’ll even show you how to determine the rate and amplitude of steering input to SEE if you’re “on time” (or LATE) through the Uphill Esses at VIR! Even if you’ve used this device for several years, you can come away from this seminar comfortable and confident that you can not only better utilize this information yourself, but know enough to show others how to use it. If you have ANY reservations about the use of the hardware or software, you NEED to attend this seminar. It’s for folks who want to do more than to just “scratch the surface” of this powerful tool. We’ll move right into relatively advanced interpolative analysis in this particular course.

Traqmate 202 on September 12th will focus on making intelligent use of and the interpretation of the collected data FROM A DRIVER’S POINT OF VIEW. Utilizing many of the concepts made popular by William Mitchell and Jorge Segers (SAE, Society of Automotive Engineers technical paper and book authors), Traqmate 202 will explore the various ways the data can be sliced and diced to form a useful and accurate picture of the driver’s strengths and weaknesses, comfort and confidence anywhere on the course. This is not a terribly “technical” or “mathematical” treatise, but instead a critical, intensive look on how to recognize patterns of driver behavior and successfully develop strategies to fix those behaviors that require fixing!

A light dinner will be provided courtesy of Millie’s Pizza from Milton, NC at our facility in the VIPER Dyno Lab in the Main Paddock midway through the seminar. Water, soft drinks and iced tea will be provided. All is included in the price of the seminar. Please spread the word amongst your friends and online so that we can get the word out as soon as possible. We already have several more scheduled for this Fall! Information available at

Hope to see you all there!

Thanks, Peter

Peter Krause
(919) 740-1871
“The Driver is the Greatest Performance Variable in the Racing Equation.”

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VIR Training & Traqmate Seminars



Krause & Associates LLC, a leading driver development training, instruction and coaching firm located on-site at Virginia International Raceway (VIR), has announced the first of many training seminars for the high performance driver education and club-level competition driver. These seminars will be hosted in the summer months by VIPER (Virginia Institute for Performance Engineering and Research) in their Drivetrain Lab in the Main Paddock at VIR and alternate with those held at the Krause & Associates LLC Driver Development Studio in Virginia Motorsport Technology Park and adjoining the VIR RacePlex, due to open after Labor Day.

Typically scheduled for late afternoon and early evening preceding particular, popular events at VIR, these two-hour sessions will cover a wide variety of topics, focusing on making more accessible the utilization of technology to improve driver performance as well as quantifying, evaluating and improving car performance.

Current and future planned topics include an full range of data analysis training for use and interpretation  of Traqmate data, basic and intermediate chassis set-up, powertrain optimization using dynamometer testing and a particular focus on utilizing the groundbreaking iRacing simulation as a training tool to better drive ALL configurations of VIR! A light dinner and beverages will be provided as part of the registrant package for these seminars.

The first two seminars will be held late Thursday afternoon, July 23, and early Friday evening, July 24, in concert with the National Auto Sport Association-Mid Atlantic event and the Grassroots Motorsports Motorsports Magazine “Ultimate Track Car Challenge.”

The topic for the inaugural July 23 session is “Traqmate 101, An Introduction to Using GPS-Based Data Acquisition to Improve Driver Performance.” The topic for the July 24 seminar is “Traqmate 201, An Introduction to the Interpretation of Data to Quantify and Evaluate Driver Performance.”

Additional seminars are scheduled to be held Friday afternoon, August 21, before the VIRMCC Member Day and will cover “Technology and the Track Day Driver,” including a presentation by Victor Seaber of the Drivetrain Lab at VIPER. Another “Data Acquisition 101, An Introduction to Using GPS-Based Data Acquisition to Improve Driver Performance” will be held the following week preceding the TrackDaze LLC date at VIR.

Registration is now available on-line Here and is limited to the first ten registrants for each date.


Viper Service

Krause & Associates

Take a quick lap around VIR

Quick Lap Around VIR

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June Sprints on


Traqmate is proud to work with GoRacingTV & GoPro for what was an exciting & tragic weekend at this years June Sprints. Traqmate was in attendance doing installing in-car systems, video cameras and as always taking care of our customers.

Click below to watch the first 2 parts series of the event covered by the GoRacingTV Crew.

Go Racing TV
Go Racing TV

Using our advanced GPS the beautiful Road America is plotted below, this high speed track is an absolute must for any racing enthusiast.

Picture 12

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Traqmate New Online Store

Traqmate is pleased to announce the launch of our new online store. This should make your shopping experience easier, more informative, and more dynamic.

For those of you with accounts, you will need to re-enter your contact information. We apologize for this inconvenience.

You can reach the store from our homepage or at

If you experience problems ordering, please call our toll-free order line at 1-877-289-0312.

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Traqmate Sponsors Miatas at the Mitty

Mitty 2009 Poster2009 is the 20th anniversary of the Miata in racing and Classic Motorsports Magazine and Traqmate are hosting a Miata-only race at the Mitty Historic Races in May.

This will be a fun event, with the goal of getting a huge field of racing Miatas and MX-5s to show up and do what we do best, put on a great show.

Practice and Qualifying will be Friday, May 1st.
Race is Saturday, May 2nd, hopefully right before the MX-5 Cup race.

Entry fee is $275 for three on-track sessions. Compare this to $475 for other HSR races!

HSR is the sanctioning body for this race. They will accept SCCA and NASA licenses. The race will be open to all Miatas and MX-5s that are legal or were legal for SCCA, NASA, or Grand Am competition. So you can dust off that old SSB car if you like. All cars will run on-track together with the following classes planned. There will be prizes for each class with an overall Miata Cup awarded.

Showroom Stock: Any SSB or SSC cars. Must be still in the specifications for the class as originally run.

Spec Miata: Must be current SCCA SM specification

MX-5 – Any MX-5 (2 liter) based car, including SCCA T2, Skip Barber MX-5, or MX-5 Cup Pro Series

Open: All SCCA Production class Miatas, FP or EP.

Mazda is on board with this in a big way and the entire idea is to make this the biggest gathering of racing Miatas ever. The most that can run on the track at one time is 72. If more than that show up, we will break it down into separate qualifying groups.

Mazda is putting up prize money. There will be $2000 in contingencies paid.

Grassroots/Classic Motorsports is putting up money too. If the overall winners is a subscriber (before the start of the race) he gets $250. Each class winner (that is a subscriber) gets $100. The guy who finishes in 25th place also gets $100 (if he is a subscriber) to help commemorate GRM’s 25 years of helping the little guy.

Traqmate is also in the game. We will be awarding $150/$100/$50 awards to the top three cars per class that have a Traqmate installed and which have Traqmate decals.

The Miata race will be added to the sign-up form shortly. Here is the link to HSR’s site. HSR EVENT DETAILS

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Ferrari Challenge Test Day!

Traqmate is the choice of P1 Productions, the video and data company for Ferrari of Houston.

Ben Menniges, President of P1, said, “I chose Traqmate for the quality of data, ease of use, and top notch support.”

Check out this clean install of the TraqCam Complete system in the Ferrari F430 Race Car.

Interested getting involved? Check out P1 Productions. They take data and video for events across the country.

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