BMWCCA Track Day

Team Traqmate Attended the BMWCCA Track Event at Road Atlanta this past weekend.

Comments from one Traqmate User

I attended a BMWCCA track day this past weekend at Road Atlanta. I’ve done many events at this track but I’ve never had an instructor sitting next to me. My instructor drives a 911 RS (993 model) so after 2 sessions I rode with him. Holy crap is that thing brutal! My knees were shaking for 5 minutes after I got out. Riding with him made a lot of sense since I could feel the things he was telling me to do. I have been losing time in several places by turning in a little early or taking a line that doesn’t give the best exit speed. My previous best time was a 146.7 but I managed to turn a 144.8. In the same session I ran 5 laps in the low 145’s so I know it wasn’t one lucky lap. Traq-mate shows I was getting around 1.4 lateral G’s and about the same in braking. My previous G’s were right at 1.3 so I don’t know if my RA-1’s are at peak performance or if track conditions were optimal (or both). Come to think of it I was running hawk blue pads last time vs Performance Friction this time. That might have made some difference in braking.

The car ran flawlessly! I rarely took a cool down lap and never had brake fade during both days of driving. Temps were in the mid to high 80’s. I did lock up my brakes for 5-8 feet a few times in turn 10 and never once felt ABS kick in. Does anyone have any input regarding this? My Elise had a high threshold setting with it’s ABS and would only intervene if you really screwed up.

As you will see in the video I did have a close call with the wall at the bottom of turn 12 but no damage done….just a nice cloud of red clay.

Well, I hope this info is helpful to those of you who track your car (or want to)

Here’s a few videos….

Loose Camera Mount

2 Wheels Off @ 100mph

Fast Lap







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