TraqStudio & Traqmate V2.10 Released

Traqmate, the industry leader in data and video integration, is getting even better.

We are pleased to announce our new product and software releases for Version 2.10. Check the web forum for download links.

The big news is the TraqStudio data/video editor and the new ChaseCam 4-wire interface. This will take synchronous data and video recording to a whole new level of ease of use and capability. You can now save your videos with data overlay with a single button press. Here is an example of what TraqStudio can do:

click to see video

Click the picture to play video.

Another groundbreaking feature is Multi-Session Predictive Lap Timing. Traqmate will now save your best lap as a reference lap and compare against it all day or even next time you visit the track.

Another addition is the ability to record gear selection in Traqview and TraqStudio. If you have an RPM input, Traqmate will calculate the gear you are using and show it in your videos.

We have not left out the entry-level Traqmate Basic system either. We now have Auto Record capability. This is the easiest way to record data and even synchronized video automatically. The system will start at a chosen speed and stop when the vehicle has been stationary for a chosen time period.

There is a whole lot more good stuff in this release so please take a look at the entire list at the link below:

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