TraqCam Video Integration SHIPPING


The TraqCam package is a reality. It is going on the store Tuesday and the first shipments will go out this week.

NOTE: TrackVision 2.0 is still in Beta test. Customers who pre-ordered TraqCam have requested shipping so we are delivering without TrackVision 2.0 which will be available for download upon release. Activation key codes will be emailed to purchasers at that time. Meanwhile, you can collect synchronized data and video that can be analyzed with Traqview and played on your PC or TV. When TrackVision arrives you can create a video with on-screen graphics and gauges and ‘Replay Your Day’ all over again.

Traqmate has teamed up with ChaseCam, the leading manufacturer of digital video recorders for motorsports. The TraqCam system consists of a Traqmate GPS Data Acquisition System, ChaseCam Digital Video Recorder, and the TrackVision Video Integration software.

Traqmate designs all products to be easy to use and this one is no exception. The Traqmate will turn on the video recording automatically so the data and video will be synchronized. TrackVision will allow you to combine the data and video into a DVD-quality video with simulated gauges over the video. Of course you will be able to analyze the Traqmate data as always and use the raw video for other purposes.

We will offer free software upgrades to existing Traqmate and ChaseCam owners and the TraqCam components will be available separately. The TraqCam system will only be sold through the Track Systems Store at

Latest detailed information is available on our forum. Click here.

Attached is the page from the User Manual describing TraqCam operation. Click for hi-res copy.

TraqCam User Manual Page

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