217 MPH….

Traqmate is proud to have been part of this record setting run of 216.9 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in a Factory Five Daytona Coupe. Korey Bligh kept his foot planted for the record speed. Thanks to crew chief Russ Schulte for sharing the experience with us. See below for details on the car and team.

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Results are at http://saltflats.com Car #946
Owner. Farra Snook
Driver. Korey Bligh
Crew: Chief Russ Schulte
Painter. Gary Correia    paintbygary.com
Engine: Raydye Racing Engines
Crew: Larry Johnson
Team Members: Bob Straw, Anthony Catullo, Ryan Thomas

Factory Five    Basic Kit
Car Quest        Paint
Foress Sign    Running Gear

USFRA World of Speed event (Utah Salt Flat Racing Association)
Class C-BFMS
Registration on Monday 9/15/08
First run was on 9/17/08 around 1:OOpkM at 209.967mph
Back-up run was made the next morning 9/18/08 at 8:37AM with a speed of 216.386 mph for an average speed of 213.176 mph
4 years from start of project.

3/2005 start project with FFR support
7/2006 chassis and roll cage inspection
7/2007 lost engine on dyno
9/2007 lost rear window at 184 mph, salt flats 7/2008 inter cooler failed, salt flats
3/OS -8/08 Countless hours of design, re-design, design again. Test, re-test, test again
8/2008 set record – Priceless
Dynamics of the Fastest FFR….
Life began as a Factory Five 65 Coupe kit, donated for the project by Dave Smith and the Factory Five Racing Team.

The stock roll cage was deleted in favor of a roll cage including parachute structure meeting class rules. Stock shocks were replaced with pro-shocks specifically designed for use on the salt.

Body modifications include under car tunneling, flat bottom, nose lowered 2°, cowl hood scoop for super charger clearance, roof rails extending to stock air dam, parachute w/chute launcher, side windows redesigned with required structural support, and side louver/fender louvers.

347 BOSS Block
Cylinder heads – Trick Flow R Rocker Arms – Crane Gold Intake – modified Trick Flow Throttle Body – 90 MM
Air Mass Meter- PMAS
F1 Pro-Charger w/ 1800 hp intercooler

Intake system – custom built by Sofast Racing 72 lb Injectors
Custom Dash 8 Gauge configuration – Russ Schulte
Restraints & Parachute – Stroud Safety
Tires – Goodyear Landspeed
Transmission – modified 500
Rear End – 273 8.8
Brakes – stock Ford with hydro boost
FFR 3-link rear suspension
Custom Kirkey seats
CarboTech brake pads
Wilwood Brakes for road racing
Air Conditioning
Fuel Safe fuel cell
Fine System Safe Craft
Modified FFR Headers
Traqmate data system
Ground Effects designed by Sofast Racing
Ford Rack & Pinion

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