Traqmate on Dream Car Garage Small Block Shootout

Westward Wind Productions and Track Systems Technologies, LLC announced that the Track Systems Traqmate Data Acquisition System was used to measure the performance of the cars in the upcoming Dream Car Garage special, “Small Block Shootout” which will air Monday October 17th at 9pm on Speed Channel.

Tom Hnatiw and Peter Klutt on the Set

The Small Block Shootout is a sequel to last year’s immensely popular special, ‘Muscle Car Shootout’. It features pony cars from the 60s and 70s squaring off in competition to dispel some of the myths surrounding these cars by measuring their real world acceleration, braking, and handling. The detailed Traqmate graphs were used to find the best performance to represent each car and then overlay all the cars on a track layout for a virtual head-to-head replay.

Vintage TransAm Car with Traqmate Antenna and Smoking Brakes

“The Traqmate was an ideal choice for us. Replacing several other instruments with a single non-intrusive device really simplified our production and using the same device for all the tests ensured fairness to all the cars”, said host Tom Hnatiw. The Traqmate was first used in the 2005 season finale, ‘May the Best Cheater Win’.

Traqview Displays Dunnville Autodrome Track Layout

In the Z28

‘Small Block Shootout’ was recorded in Ontario the week of July 11th and is expected to air on the cable Speed Channel in September or October. The show will feature screen shots of Traqview to illustrate the performance differences of the vehicles and the actual vehicle test data will be posted on when the show debuts so viewers can download the data and have virtual races right on their own PCs.

Westward Wind Productions Field Set

In the Boss 302

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