Latest Firmware Updates and PRI

Firmware Update

TraqDash V2.20 Firmware 

Traqmate Classic Complete V3.33 Firmware

Traqmate Basic V3.33 Firmware

Want to see the new TraqDash graphics?

Click here to download PC Demo.

TraqDash V2.20 Release Notes

New TraqDash User Manual!

  • Added 60 new vehicles – tach settings, gears, tire sizes, and weight*
  • Exiting recording mode transfers to Race Review – eliminating extra button presses.
  • New graphics – redesigned gauge faces, upgraded icons, brighter colors
  • Added Gear and RPM Telltale to round tach screens
  • Added or revised Start/Finish coordinates for several new and existing tracks
  • Increased capacity to 200 race sessions on SD card
  • Added automatic configuration file conversion for firmware update
  • And more! A full list of features and fixes can be found in the forums.

*(upgrading customers must clear the vehicles folder on the SD card – this will delete any saved vehicles and information to gain the new car list)

Traqmate Classic / Basic Release Notes

  • Improved synchronization with TraqDash, especially at shutdown
  • Fixed bug causing SU to get hung up when power drops quickly such as starting a car
  • Fixed bug in initial reporting of GoPro camera status


Traqmate will be exhibiting at the PRI Trade Show 

PRI Booth 3116, November 29 – Dec 1

at Orlando Convention Center

Stop by to check out all the latest Traqmate gear!

TraqDash User Manual – Check out the detailed 50 page document and find some new features.
Want to hook up external inputs? There is now a separate TraqData Application Guide, now with AEM Sensor Guide as well. 
We have updated all our user manuals and created a few new ones. Everything can be accessed right from your browser and you can download just the ones you need.

Specific Manuals

How to Videos
TraqDash Firmware 
Updating Firmware TraqDash
Updating Firmware TraqDash
Traqmate Firmware
Updating the Firmware on Traqmate Classic or Basic
Updating the Firmware on Traqmate Classic or Basic
Creating Video
Creating a Video using TraqStudio
Creating a Video using TraqStudio


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